Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a sweetie

While I was packing I layed Kenadie down for a little Tummy Time. I checked on her after about 5 minutes and I found her sound asleep on her little bunny. Isn't that the sweetest picture. That really helped out with the packing!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hair Cut

My little Parker loves his shag and so do I. However, his dad likes the clean cut look. One day he brought home a gingerbread house he and Ty made with Garndma Colleen. He wanted to eat it. So later he promised Chase that if he would let him eat it he would cut his hair. I guess we know where sweets rank with Parker.

Rubber Ducky

My little girl loves her bath time in her rubber ducky!

I love to see the Temple

A beautiful day at the Salt Lake City Temple.


So I had a vampire, pirate and a little witch that later became a a lady bug. We started with my anual soup and rolls. Then we all ( Aunt Shannin, Mom, James, Chase, the kids and I) hit the streets. While Dad handed out the candy. Anohter great Halloween.

Whitch A Palooza

Aunt Shannon, James, Tiffanie, Mom and I all went to the witch a palooza at GArdner Villiage. We Rocked the place and had a blast. Look s like James really had a good time... HA HA! That Witch isn't nearly as cute as Tiff!

Pumpkin Painting

Every year we have all of our little friends and cousins come over and we have a pancake breakfast. Then the kids all paint their pumpkins while listening to Halloween music and getting their faces painted by Kiersten. I think I love it as much as the kids!!!